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Burgee Embroidery

Want the CYC Burgee embroidered on your shirt, jacket, cap or whatever? Take your items down to Bergen & Co., 4003 Irongate Road, 360.676.7503. They have the artwork in their computer. They will put our logo on any clean garment, you don't have to purchase the garments from them, though the garments that they offer are very high quality.

Float Plan

Download a PDF Float Plan to print and fill out.

New Weather Buoy in the Bay

A new buoy collecting all sorts of data has been installed in the bay. Wind speed and gusts are some of the information collected and provided in real time, but wind direction is not currently available. This is an great resource for Bellingham Bay sailors!

Data can be viewed here:
NVS Data Explorer

Read more about it here:
Bellingham Herald Article

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Weather Links

Overview of Matia Island

  • Matia Island State Park is a 145-acre marine park with 20,676 feet of saltwater shoreline.
  • The island is also part of the San Juan National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Five acres at Rolfe Cove, with 680 feet of public waterfront, are available to boaters as a marine park.
  • A one-mile trail goes from the campground across Matia to the south end cove. The trail loops back on the southwest side.
  • Matia was named "Isle de Mata" by Spaniard Francisco Eliza in his discovery cruise in 1791. Matia has several meanings in Spanish having to do with lush plant growth. It also means "no protection."
  • Matia is correctly pronounced Ma-TEE-ah, but is more often called May-sha by the locals.


6 JUL 2021

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