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If you missed February's potluck meeting about "Eco Friendly Anti Fouling Solutions", you can access the recording here:

Here is a pdf handout with a list of paints and recommendations based on the presentation, plus a WA copper paint legislation update.
Eco Friendly Anti-Fouling Solution PDF

CYC members have expressed a strong interest in having more club boating educational activities. I recently put together an online survey that asked members what topics they are most interested in. Forty-one club members responded to the survey from the 210 email list members (memberships can include two people). The email list membership is about twice the size of our club membership of 105. Assuming that it was mostly club members who responded, the return rate was about 40%.

A wide range of topics were listed and respondents rated their interest in the topic from 1 to 5. Topic ratings were computed by simply adding the ratings for each topic. (If there are any statisticians out there who would like to help me with a more sophisticated data analysis, please contact me!). Here are the results:

Topic Total Percent
Safety equipment & procedures 137 67%
Sail handling & trim 137 67%
Rules of the Road (COLREGS) 135 66%
Diesel engine maintenance 130 63%
Basic Navigation 126 61%
Practical & decorative knots 124 60%
Docking 123 60%
Anchoring 120 59%
Canvas maintenance & repair 113 55%
Marine wildlife identification 113 55%
Fiberglass repair 109 53%
Painting and varnishing 96 47%
Racing rules and tactics 95 46%
Boat winterization 94 46%
Basic marine survey 90 44%
Fishing from a sailboat 86 42%
Maritime photography 73 36%

Surprising to me is the fact that there is not a wide spread of scores; most club members gave a high rating for most of the topics. Given the topic scores and our limited resources it seems to me that any topics at or above 60% would be good topics to focus on. Of course, providing educational programs depends on finding people and resources that can provide education on those topics.

In the next newsletters, I will list some current resources for boater education and explore a bit more about what the CYC can do to satisfy our members boating educational interests. If you would like to help with this effort you are welcome to contact me, Mike Reed or Kathy Sheehan. We are an informal group of club members who are looking into bringing more education

-Ken Russell

Winter Classes at the Community Boating Center

  • Seabirds of the Salish Sea
  • Essential Knots for Boaters
  • Introduction to Coastal Navigation
  • Intro to the Inside Passage
  • Introduction to Tides and Currents
  • Understanding PNW Weather

To find out more about these class and register, go to

Spring Classes with the Bellingham Sail and Power Squadron

  • America’s Boating Course
  • Weather
  • Introduction to Boating Skills and Safety

To find out more about these class and register, go to

1 MAR 2021

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